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This free tip calculator computes tip amounts for various situations such as different tip percentages. It can also calculate the tip amount split between a given number of people. Learn more about tipping in different areas of the world, or explore hundreds of other calculators involving math, fitness, finance, health, and more.

How to calculate a tip on a calculator

The Tip Calculator calculates tip amount for various percentages of the cost of the service, and also provides a total amount that includes the tip. Calculate a tip or gratuity and get the total amount to pay. Enter your meal or dinner cost along with the tip percentage. In the US, a tip of 15% of the before-tax meal price is typically expected. If you are splitting the cost at a restaurant among several people you can divide by the number of people to get the total cost each. Optionally round the results to dollars.

Calculate tips at a restaurant. Enter cost and tip percent to get a tip amount and total dinner amount. Also, split the total amount; divide among any number of people. The answer is in dollars and cents or rounded to dollars.

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